Our School Community

Our school motto: Let your light shine before all (Matthew 5:16)

Members of the St Joseph’s school community are encouraged to live out the true mission of Jesus by recognising and acknowledging the sacredness and uniqueness of each individual.

The school motto recognises that each of us has been given gifts and we are called to share these gifts with others. By sharing our gifts we shine our light before all.

Religious Education is an integral part of the curriculum at St. Joseph’s. All children are expected to participate in the Religious Education Program and liturgical activities whilst attending St. Joseph’s School.

St Joseph’s provides a comprehensive education comprising all Key Learning Areas (KLAs) as mandated by the NSW Board of Studies.

The following curriculum areas are taught at St Joseph’s:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and its Environment
  • Personal Development
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Creative & Practical Arts

Every student at St Joseph’s has the opportunity to be involved in sports and participate in Diocesan, Inter-diocesan and State Carnivals. Staff at St Joseph’s are committed and dedicated to ensuring that the needs of every student are catered for.


At the beginning of each term, an overview of the curriculum for each class is sent to parents.

3 Way Partnership Meetings are offered each term,  as an opportunity for parents to meet and discuss the learning of their children. At the end of the second and fourth terms, an individual report is sent home to inform about student progress for the semester. Parents are invited to make an appointment for an interview to discuss their child’s progress and formulate goals for future progress.

The teachers are available to meet with parents at other times whenever the need arises. The principal has an open-door policy for parents and asks that parents make an appointment, through the admin office, for a mutually agreeable time.

Parental Involvement

St Joseph’s School works in partnership with the parents to provide each student with the opportunities to reach his/her full potential.

As a result, parents are welcome in our school at all times. Parents can be involved with the school in a variety of ways; the Parents and Friends Association, volunteer to help with the canteen, covering books, athletic and swimming carnivals, 3 Way Partnership Meetings, the School Advisory Committee, Lunch On The Lawn on Fridays in Week Five and on special occasions during Catholic Schools week, senior citizens assembly and morning tea.